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Gould, B. Apthorp

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No question that for the first few months Canada has been faltering in the matter of military assistance. The question now whether Canada is to come forward again with renewed vigour, or is to consider her part in the war completed. Canada in the war to ensure to the very last. The duty that rests upon us to co-ordinate our efforts as to render the maximum of assistance, military, industrial and financial, with the minimum weakening of the vigour of the nation. Our duty to see that those men go to war who can render most service in war, and that those men devote themselves to essential industries at home who can do most for their country by staying at home. The call of our noble dead in Flanders and in France coming clearly to our ears. The need to organize at home, with calm and wise foresight. Canada the least to gain in material things of all the countries taking part in this war, and how that is so. What we do gain in terms of nation-building. A few words of personal history, to understand better what the speaker is trying to convey; why he is where he is and why he is doing what he is doing. A review of the Borden Government in Canada at this time. Failure to create and organize National Service. A consideration of the representation at the Parliamentary level. The many able and absolutely patriotic members of our Parliament. Difficulties of membership and action. The speaker's conviction that the plain way of getting from Canada that service which Canada can and ought to render is by unifying and uniting Canada for the one great purpose of service. The recent Bonne Entente movement to bring the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec into closer sympathy as a striking example of how elements may be brought together in amity and wisdom for the purpose of working out methods for their common advantages. The conditions under which this Bonne Entente movement grew: the fact that the two Provinces were ignorant of one another. How support breeds courage; applause begets extravagance. This characteristics of human nature to be wisely used to promote the welfare of our land. Getting the country together for a "Win the War" convention, a "Do Our Duty" convention. An appeal to all patriots to come to such a convention to express their views as to the right methods for Canada to take. Taking our full burden and responsibility in this war as a nation.

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