Vladimir Putin

Hornby, Brigadier-General M.L.

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The speaker's plan for dealing with new settlers from the British Isles. Response to the questions "Do we need any immigration at all at the present time and why is it necessary to talk about it?" Reasons why the speaker believes that we do need immigration, with illustrative examples. Why the immigration should be British immigration. The general question of development. Response to people who are adverse to any immigration at the present time, and their reasons for that adversity. The speaker's advocation of not immediate immigration, but of the preparation for immigration by developing land and building houses. The question of British immigration and why the speaker recommends that we should set before ourselves the ideal of British immigration, and prepare for it. Canada's higher destiny. Details of the speaker's plan for settling British families on the land. Proper selection of the new comers. Who should make the selection. Specific suggestions and recommendations as to how a British immigration should be handled. The question of finance. Maintaining the tie of kinship. Excellent reception from the Parliamentary Migration Committee in Britain. Endeavouring to make this scheme more known throughout Canada. Taking preliminary steps to establish some of the settlements as outlined in the east of Canada.

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