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The Industrial Development Bank. A description of a unique financial institution in Canada which has been in operation for 31 years, serving small and medium-sized businesses. Its new responsibilities under a new name: the Federal Business Development Bank. A review and history of the beginnings of this institution, its mandate, its policies, its limitations, its operations, its structure, its future. Some anecdotal material about successes, with many details and statistics. The evolution of the bank. The impact of the bank. Details of specific loans and projects. Recent new initiatives. A new Advisory Services. A "Small Business News Letter." The production and publication of a series of pamphlets "Minding Your Own Business" and "Votre Affaire, C'est Notre Affaire." New responsibilities in the field of management serivces, in the establishment of educational courses on small business management, and counselling services once offered by the Department of Industry, Trade and Commerce. The new structure of the IDB.