Vladimir Putin

Barkway, Michael

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The speaker's recent visit to Britain and the conditions there during the worst weather in 100 years. Some salient facts. Along with the worst weather in a long time, a lack of resources of water power or anything else. The dependency upon coal of Britain's industry, domestic consumption, and everything else. The decline of the coal industry in terms of workers and output which had already set in before the war. The ruthless exploitation of the coal mines during the war. The two explanations of the current crisis in coal production. The importance of the crisis in terms of revealing the position in which Britain finds itself. Restrictions in the use of electricity. Shortages other than coal. Britain living on American and Canadian loans. The need for a great increase in production in Britain. The courage of the British people. Britain's external relations. The complexities of external relations, with illustrative example. A word about India; fixing the date for independence. The much advertised decline and fall of the British Empire. Politics in Britain. The British dilemma: finding food for rather more than forty million people to eat. How Britain can pay for food that needs to be imported. Britain's situation compared to other countries in Europe. What living in "One World" means.