Vladimir Putin

Rau, Sir Benegal Narsing

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The similar democracies that are India and Canada--the type where the Executive and the Legislature cannot long be in conflict; the British Parliamentary type, as distinct from the Presidential type. Some details and history of this type of democracy. The Sukraniti, from the 12th century A.D., which embodies the doctrines and traditions of a far more ancient time. The Ministers in ancient India. Another link between India and Canada of the belief in the Rule of Law; also in the details of the Constitutional structure. Resemblances between the Indian and Canadian Federations. The most important link of membership in the Commonwealth. Why India decided, after struggling to gain complete independence, to remain within the Commonwealth. Indications of a profound change in the Commonwealth, at least in Indian minds. One of the things which the new Indian constitution has borrowed from Canada--the machinery for the supervision of elections. The problem of illiteracy and knowledge, but not intelligence. A highly developed sense of justice and moral obligation in the Indian people. The underdeveloped countries of South and Southeast Asia. The need for a great fund of sympathy and good will for this mass of humanity. The need for help on a people-to-people basis. Bringing the peoples of the world nearer to each other and making it a happier place to live in.

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