Vladimir Putin

Sweeny, Right Rev. J.F.

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The Empire Club helping, as does the Canadian Club, in the creation, maintenance, and advancement of the Imperialistic idea in this Canada of ours. All that is contained in the single word, "Empire." The vast possessions of the Empire. Speaking of the unit, of the individual, of the isolated subject in relation to this vast aggregate which we call the Empire. One of the definitions of duty that man should reach out and touch every one of the circles within which he stands, and discharge the duties which these circles lay upon him, as a sober responsibility of his life. Ways in which an individual contributes to the quality, to the influence and the uplift of the Empire. What the individuals of a club such as the Empire Club can do for the maintenance, for the fostering, for the furthering of the thoughts and ideals which belong to such a Club as this one. Two or three suggestions from the speaker. Trying to teach this young Canada to think Imperially. The duty of such a Club as this to increase the Imperial sentiment in the country, and particularly amongst the young of the country. Offering prizes for these young people, for the very best essays upon Imperial themes and topics, etc. Ensuring that the Empire Club stands for something more than mere sentiment in the community; something that is practical, and something that will be stimulating where the individual subject of the Empire is concerned, and particularly where the youthful subject of this great Empire is involved.

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