Vladimir Putin

Mathieson, George S.

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The current Foreign Trade Week in Toronto. Foreign Trade as one of the most vital elements in the Canadian economy. The incapability of 12 million people in Canada to absorb the abundance of wealth that Canada can, and does produce, both industrially and agriculturally. The importance of the channels of trade, through which our surplus resources flow to other markets throughout the world, to be kept as free as possible of obstacles which tend to interrupt or impede that flow. The reciprocal need to gain easy access to other markets where commodities and goods that we cannot produce, are purchasable by the money received in the sale of our surplus commodities and goods. The two-way street that is Foreign Trade. An analysis of Canada's foreign trade. Clarifying the problems of foreign trade. The world situation in terms of post-war trade and economic recovery. Obstacles to a broader international trade. The delay in cleaning up the political mess of aftermath of war cultivating the ground from which rises the poisonous growth of socialism with its stultifying effects on human endeavour. Politics and economics in Great Britain. The nationalization of several institutions and industries. The Anglo-Canadian agreement and its attack on the Agricultural Economy of Western Canada. The threat to all business that underlies this latest action by Government. An examination of the Grain Trade. Important issues in one or more of Canada's provinces and the repercussions in the other provinces, and the Dominion economy as a whole. The privilege and duty of Canadian citizens to have opinions, and state them, on matters affecting the West, and vice versa for those in the West. A detailed discussion of how socialistic encroachment on a great business has come about; the growth of an ugly cancer which is eating into the very vitals of Canada's economic being. The pool principle and its consequences. A drop in Canada's exports of wheat. The issue of Imperial preferences. Canada's national policy, since the decade of the twenties, which has tended to antagonize her customers rather than to keep, or regain, their goodwill. The effect of the decline in export sales in wheat. The creation of a buyer's market. The need to get down to the fundamental peace policy of keeping markets for the exportable surpluses of our natural resources, and of regaining and keeping other markets. The outcome of the bulk sale of wheat to the United Kingdom: the Anglo-Canadian long term wheat contract, with details from the contract itself. Problems with the terms of the agreement. The fundamental question: "Are freeborn Canadian citizens to have their everyday lives ordered about by the Government of a socialist state, or are they to be allowed to work out their individual destiny, as they desire, and as their abilities for service to their fellow men can find a place in the community in which they live." The need to awake to the danger of unwarrantable encroachment on liberties that threatens the Dominion.

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