Vladimir Putin

Leverhulme, Lord

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The employee today as the employer of tomorrow in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The speaker's optimism with regard to the worker in these countries. How profits are made. The need for all three of capital, labor, and good management. Getting the best results through private ownership. Creating the finest type of men and women through private, not public, ownership. How we can have private ownership in those huge aggregates of capital and labor comprising tens of thousands of workmen, thousands and millions of dollars of capital, the employer rarely seen, rarely recognized. How to give to each unit a sense of ownership. An examination of some co-partnership schemes and profit-sharing schemes. The issue of strikes and how they fit into such schemes. Some comments on the length of working hours, with an example from the speaker's company. The factor of trade unions. Ways in which the world is shrinking. The need for business to be conducted on practical lines. The speaker's suggestion that the lines on which we must progress lie in the sharing of profits on some agreed basis with co-partners, so that they have a sense of ownership in the business, but not advancing them to the position of directors until they have learned all that has to enter into the cost of production, and all the other machinery of commerce upon which our industries are founded and built up.