Vladimir Putin

MacAulay, T.B.

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Being proud of the resources of our Empire. Reasons why these resources are so undeveloped. The need for markets, tariff barriers and preferential markets for surplus products. Contrasting our position with that of the United States. The Canadian policy of preserving our own markets for our own people. Thinking sectionally and not nationally in Canada. Advantages created by distances through diversity of products, with example. The U.S. example of what can be done by co-operation with other countries, for instance Puerto Rico. The need for the British Empire to put into place some scheme of Empire co-operation as that proposed by Lord Beaverbrook. Lord Beaverbrook's campaign for Empire Free Trade. A discussion of Empire Free Trade. A consideration of advantages to Canada of trade co-operation. Looking forward to the time when our manufacturers are ready for tariffs to be lowered. The question of preferences.