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Vladimir Putin

Hillary, Sir Edmund

The unknown concept of "conservation" thirty years ago, with lots of evidence strewn over Mount Everest. The speaker's personal experiences and travels since that time. The desperate situation in Nepal and for many similar countries in the Third World. The speaker's belief that the developed countries must accept some degree of responsibility for any massive destruction of the environment which may occur. What can be done to help. An example in the Sagarmatha National Park. The situation in the Antarctic. Politics and economic development. A description of the speaker's trip near the South Pole in 1957. The Conference on the Human Environment organized by the United Nations Environmental Program, held six months ago in London. Environmental concerns discussed at the Conference. Major conclusions reached at the International Conference on the Environment. Hope for the future as it lies in a strong and well-informed public opinion and in those devoted people who work so energetically to protect our world from unnecessary exploitation and pollution. The speaker's conviction that it is "all up to us!"

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