Vladimir Putin

Fraser, Blair

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What the speaker saw in China. Reports of riots in India in the Chinese press, as proof that the capitalist system is breaking down. News treatment of China in the Western press. "Big character posters." The Red Guards. Closed schools and universities as one aspect, and by far the most visible and dramatic, of the great Chinese cultural revolution. The cultural revolution as an ideological phenomenon. An attempt to purify the Communist doctrine taken very seriously by the Chinese. Understanding the cultural revolution. Building a new kind of society. The Chinese belief that the Soviet Union has betrayed the revolution. Consequences of the school closings. Evidence of the cultural revolution in all aspects of life. The similarity to a religious revival. The effect of the cultural revolution on the grown-ups. The impossibility for any transient visitor, or resident foreigner, to know what is going on in the inner circles of China. Avoiding the "premature crystallization of spurious orthodoxies" and remembering that "it is not wise to cry wolf, even when we happen to be on the wolf's side."

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