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Questions about postwar conditions. The Toronto Reconstruction Council: makeup, terms of reference, plans and policies. Making provision for employment and social security. Finding a basis of operations and appointing a steering committee. Nine committees of council. The Executive Committee. Determining the number of people who would be seeking employment in Canada. An examination of the figures obtained. Reasons for the increase. 25 major industrial classifications broken down into three categories: those wholly engaged on war production; those partly on war production; those wholly in civilian production, with figures. Testing worker opinion through the Canadian Institute of Public opinion, and their findings in four groups: those planning to leave Toronto after the cessation of hostilities; boys and girls under 20 now at work who are planning to return to school; employees over 55 years of age who wish to retire; married or single women who intend to withdraw from industry after the cessation of hostilities. Verifying the data. The work of the various committees: Powers and Duties; Research; Employment in Postwar Projects; Employment in Industry; Employment in Commerce; Liaison; Community Welfare; Rehabilitation; Public Relations. Interim Reports regarding the treatment of Disabled Veterans and Ex-service women; the Committee on Postwar Projects; the proposal for the establishment and re-establishment of veterans in small businesses. A Comprehensive Interim Report which gave the result of the efforts of the Council, together with data with respect to the other activities of the Council in the form of Appendices. Some conclusions reached by the Executive of the Toronto Reconstruction Council. Interim Report No. 5, containing a Seven-point Programme to lead to a maximum contribution by the City to provide postwar jobs. Attacking the question of tax reform immediately. Making the planning principle effective by giving the Planning Board suitable powers for the regulation of city planning. The immediate concern of housing. Multiple undertakings of the City Council. The handicap under which a typical elected representative of the City is required to operate. The complicated and complex business of operating a City. Making full use of the democratic system to bring to the front the important issues facing Toronto.