Vladimir Putin

McCallum, Professor A.B.

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Functions and aims of the Canadian Research Council (CRC). Other research councils that had been established and active in promoting their objects before the CRC was founded. The CRC not called into existence too soon or too late. Ways in which that is so. The Council, which began its existence three months ago, so far performing its duties with a directness and an earnestness that promises much for its usefulness. The Council's comprehensive duties. The magnitude of the labour the Council has undertaken which involve a result which will effect a revolution not only in the industries of Canada, but in the attitude towards research of all those who are in any way concerned with our industries; of the Governments, Dominion and Provincial, with scientific bureaus and departments of our universities, and of public opinion to which Governments bow. The situation prior to the establishment of the CRC. The revolution in the attitude of the public already taken place; our legislators taking heed of it. Asking whether the result will remain after the cause of it was ceased to exist. Will the new point of view persist after the War is ended? The speaker's conviction that it will, and reasons for that belief. The need for Canada to employ the most advanced, the most approved methods in her industries, and to this end cultivate research and train researchers who will place at her command the utmost that human ingenuity can devise in science or its application. The need for expert knowledge to be utilized as it has never been utilized in Canada. Noting that this is a Council, not a Commission; an Advisory body. The Council's acts valid only when the appointing body, the Privy Council, approves and consequently, its executive functions of the lightest character, involving the gathering of data and the concentration of the best scientific opinion in the country for the service of the Government. The first report to the Government on its activities by the Council. Details of two experiments which concern two of the important natural resources of the Dominion. Other questions upon which the Council is taking time to formulate its point of view. Important changes in our industrial life once these questions are answered. The urgent importance that the studies on the utilization of our water power for the production of electrical energy should be fostered to the utmost extent. Further details of research projects and concerns. The need for the fostering of research in Canada to be systematically undertaken. Misconceptions as to what research calls for. Education of scientists here, in the U.S. and in Germany. The need for a systematic effort to find and train those who might become researchers of the permanent type. Studentships offered by the CRC in order to stimulate our Canadian Universities to promote advanced science and original research. How these Studentships and other Fellowships will revolutionize our Canadian Universities.

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