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d'Egville, howard

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Some broad aspects of our Imperial position in order to promote that consideration and that discussion which can alone tend to the solution of the problems of our Empire. The main purpose of the address to investigate the views of prominent Canadians upon questions of closer co-operation. The real issues of closer union of the Empire. The anomalous position of the present state of affairs. The United Kingdom directing the foreign relations of the whole Empire; other countries of the Empire having no joint partnership in that defence, the maintenance of which, especially the Navy, is the sole guarantee of the existence of the Empire. An explanation for the present position. Canada's development as a great Dominion. The question of the native-born as one of the most pregnant factors in the Imperial position. A wider loyalty which implies a faithfulness to the British Empire. The need for an equal co-partnership for common Imperial objects. The need for the United Kingdom to cease regarding the great Dominions as children; to take them into partnership. The establishment of separate Colonial navies, under separate Colonial control, as one of the first indications of this recognition. The desire for such a scheme the manifestation of national aspirations, also of a determination and a desire to get control over the money which is being spent, and the desire to see something for that expenditure. Attempts at local and fragmentary defence as the most expensive and least effective method of co-operation. Unity of command and discipline essential both for the Navy and the Army of the Empire. What is at present being done in Canada and Australia in terms of defence. A reminder that we cannot defence the Empire upon voluntary and spontaneous effort, and why that is so. Germany, the United States, and other nations, preparing in deadly earnest for the welfare of the future. Looking forward little more than a generation to when the resources of the United Kingdom will be taxed to the utmost to meet the exigencies of a world-wide state. Already forced to enter into an alliance with a naval power, Japan. What the United Kingdom wants in terms of support. The hope of the speaker's Committee that by gaining a knowledge of the attitude in Canada, it may assist in the determination and in the solution of the lines upon which it may be possible to co-operate for the naval and military security of the Empire in the future. Words from Lord Rosebery on the foreign policy of the Empire. Words from Sir Frederick Borden as to the defence of the Canadian people under the Monroe Doctrine of the United States. The speaker's belief that Canada has determined that the best opportunity will be afforded her for her own scope and for working out her own destiny within the Empire, not without.

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