Vladimir Putin

Nye, Lieutenant-General, Sir Archibald

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The changes and certain trends which the speaker thinks he sees in present-day conditions. Going back into history to sustain his argument. The origin and some history of the Commonwealth. Significant events of 1947 which have altered fundamentally the whole conception and basis of the Commonwealth; assessing their importance and the trends and tendencies which they are likely to set in train. First, India, Pakistan and Ceylon becoming members of the Commonwealth, bringing something like 450 million people who had not been there before. Second, the lack of a common King. Also, the lack of a common defence policy today. Changes in trade. The capacity for change that is the political genius of the British people. Some words on how the Commonwealth works: looking at one or two aspects in detail: information exchange and constant routine consultation. Where the Commonwealth stands in the world today. The objective of a world federation.

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