Vladimir Putin

Daniell, Raymond and Long, Tania

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Tania Long: The speaker's understanding that "it is rare that meetings of this group are open to the ladies." Her hope that the members will not regret their decision to make this occasion an exception to the rule. The product that is a newspaper. What goes into it. Newspapering as a fiercely competitive game. A few words about some of the popular misconceptions about newspapers and newspaper reporters that bother the speaker. The issue of advertising. The misconception that reporters and correspondents are under pressure from their editors to fill space. The well-known remark "Never believe what you read in a newspaper" and the speaker's response to it. The intricate network of news disseminating agencies that girdle the world. Advances in communication with new wireless transmission facilities. How the world has become one in a sense never known before. How what happens elsewhere affects us. The speaker's belief that the dissemination of news is vital to the intellectual and moral development of our world. Tolerance that comes with understanding. Raymond Daniell: Misconceptions about the life of a foreign correspondent. Details about the job of a chief correspondent of the New York Times in London, which position the speaker held for more than a dozen years. Some personal reminiscences and anecdotes. The role that luck plays. The European picture. The speaker's current job as Canadian Correspondent. The importance to Canada and the United States that they continue to get along well together, and work together with a common purpose while treating each other with mutual respect. The journalist's job to explain objectively the views of both sides.
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