Vladimir Putin

Turner, Philip J.

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The homeliness and peace about the English countryside that is not to be found elsewhere. The soul of England in the countryside. Rapid changes in English village life in recent years with the result that customs and institutions of even a decade ago are no longer familiar. Watching the old give way to the new. The fitting and natural setting of England's rural country life: a description. Some population distribution figures and how they have changed over time. The chief hope for the future in the fact that love of country is ingrained in the English race; that a country life is the best the world can offer; that eventual retirement to a cottage is the flame that keeps ambition alive in the hearts of thousands of tired workers. The countryman as the type of the English race: a description. The infinite variety of the countryman as the most marked characteristic of England. An awakening post-war movement that recognizes the essential preeminence of the labours of those who till the soil; country life regaining some of the importance and interest it deserves, which it never should have lost. The harmful effect of recent legislation and taxation on rural England. The address concludes with over 50 slides representing country homes, famous inns and churches, village greens, farmhouse kitchens, water-mills, Morris dancers, and rural occupations.

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