Vladimir Putin

King, Principal R.A.

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The complicated situation in India today. One or two outstanding features which the speaker will address, in order that the audience can have some kind of a background from which to size up what information does come to them. A look back as far as 1885, in order to speak about the political situation in India, when the Indian National Congress was instituted. Some words about that organization. Criticism against that Congress. Two parts which grew out of that body: a Conservative party and a Liberal or Radical party, which became the Moderates and the Extremists. The issue of Home Rule for each party. The factor of Mr. Gandhi as leader of the Extremist party. Mr. Gandhi's background. A brief review of the events which have been crowding the months and the weeks of the past two or three years. Some familiar arguments. The Extremists' manifesto, with two particular grievances. Queen Victoria' proclamation and promise that India would bear responsibility for their own country, as soon as they were able. The rebellion that was precipitated in the south of India, in the south part of the Punjab. The Punjab atrocities. The issue as to whether or not those men responsible for the atrocities were dealt with properly. The lack of faith in the reforms, in the measure of self-government outlined in the Government of India Act of 1919. Some background to that Act. Events following the passage of that Act. Gandhi's lack of control of his policy of "non-violent, non co-operation." The policy of "civil disobedience." Gandhi's arrest. The situation in India now. Control of the newly-constituted provincial chambers by the Moderates. The new device of Diarchy, made up of British officials and Indian ministers. Command of the local houses by this Diarchy. The structure and makeup of the Diarchy. The position of the Extremists and the Moderates now. A summary of the political crisis in India today.

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