Vladimir Putin

Stewart, George L.

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A few aspects of the Canadian oil development. The oil industry in Canada and how it has become somewhat of a "glamour" industry since the war. Canada now, for the first time, facing the prospect of being self-sufficient in oil. New pipe lines and modern refineries. Western oil among the major new frontiers opened up in Canada's mid-century expansion. Oil in its role as an opener of frontiers as the feature of the industry that appeals to Canadians today. Canadians aware of the importance of expanding our industrial frontiers. Kitimat, Labrador and Leduc and their importance. Some of the secondary effects of Western oil development. Investment and opportunity in an area that badly needed it. Measuring the rapidity of progress. Some figures. Growth in manufacturing and the establishment of new businesses. Also growth in professional and clerical groups. Doubling in the numbers of engineers not surprising, but increases of roughly two-thirds in the number of writers, artists and librarians something of an eye-opener. A close connection between oil development and the growth of manufacturing in the provinces. Some examples. Questioning why some areas of the world do not enjoy the kind of expansion Canada is enjoying. Finding the answer by looking more closely at Canada's expanding economy. Why expansion here is taking place at a satisfactory rate: a detailed examination. The most essential feature of a healthy free enterprise system that its rulers must take the very long view. The need to follow prosperity and expansion by other developments that will bring further benefits to the country. Maintaining the fertility of our economic life. Opening new frontiers fifty years from now.

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