Vladimir Putin

Simpson, His Worship, Mayor James

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The ever continuing evidence of a great change in the social order. A revolution in the thinking of the Prime Minister of Canada. His recent declarations before the Imperial Conference in the City of Ottawa. An analysis as to the measure in which the Prime Minister has changed his attitude upon the great questions he has been discussing, in light of his declarations. Ways in which these declarations are revolutionary. Evidences of change in every nation in the world. Evidence of progress toward a realization of the great spiritual and moral forces which have operated continuously in society. Discussing the economy policy of any great nation with a view to how we are going to husband the resources of nature in the most economic and efficient manner to serve the highest physical and material needs of the citizens within our community. Being conscious of the differentiation which is being made today by Christian men in the various religious denominations as to their responsibility in the pulpit as the leaders of religious thought. Paying tribute to the Prime Minister of Canada. The future alone to show and indicate how sincere the Prime Minister is. Mr. Bennett's programme for the future, which at least gives assurance of the establishing of a better basis of equity and fairness in the relationship of employers and employees. The speaker's belief that it is going to be up to the British Empire to give leadership in the fullest and noblest things and in their development. The only true basis of the association of men. The potential for Canada.

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