Vladimir Putin

Hellyer, Paul T.

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Canada now in the process of preparing a long-term defence policy for the future. The complexities, controversies and differences of opinion of the subject, and in respect of the path we should follow. A consideration of the problems that face Canada in the broadest context, in order to make intelligent judgments in the best interest of the Canadian people. Canada as a nation of peace, with basic freedoms to preserve. Rights that Canadians enjoy. Canada's alliance with like-minded nations in the common pursuit of the preservation of peace and the maintenance of freedom. A brief history since World War II. The NATO Alliance. The question of strategy, and disagreement amongst NATO members. Two major developments over the last 10 years that must be taken into account: Russia's stockpiles of strategic and tactical nuclear devices; the conventional strength of the Western Alliance substantially increasing while Russian non-nuclear force has declined. Problems with inequality. The need for an agreed strategy to be achieved soon. Difficulties arising from the nature of the Alliance itself, and how that is so. Canada's contributions to NATO and the United Nations. A discussion of the general review which has been under way as a prelude to the formulation of a new defence policy for Canada. A basic approach to get maximum operational effectiveness for the money available for defence. Recommendations to be subject to consultation with allies and review by government, parliament, and finally by the taxpayer. Working towards the common goal of a better Canada.

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