Vladimir Putin

Drew, Lieut.-Colonel George A.

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The occurrences of the last 36 hours and what they imply for the future. Hitler's march in to the Czech part of Czecho-Slovakia on the anniversary of his march into Austria a year ago. Something about this date, the Ides of March, that may offer hope. The hope that the Ides of March may be just as disastrous for this new and crueller Caesar. The hope that had been offered by the Munich Treaty now shattered. A re-examination of that Treaty. The Nazi programme as outlined in "Mein Kampf." The situation that we now face. Reference to Jan Masaryk's speech just a few weeks ago (February 23, 1939). Differences between Germany's annexation of Austria and of Czecho-Slovakia. Yesterday as one of the turning points in the world's history. The extent of the desire for German expansion. The Nazi doctrine. Persecution of the Jews: a warning to the whole world. The reality of war, war by blackmail. The necessity to fight this war. Canada faced with one of the greatest crises in its history. Signs of discontent in Germany. The need for Canada to not send anything to Germany with which they can fight a war, and at the same time make clear to the German people that we have no hatred of the millions of Germans who are as peace loving as we are ourselves. Looking to the future. Axis plans. Recognition that we are part of the British Empire and what will happen if Britain goes to war. Four things that are vital to us today: national unity, a clear national policy, an understandable Empire policy, and a foreign policy for the whole Empire. The need for Canada to play its part if we are to survive as a nation. Working for a truly united Canada within a united British Empire.
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