Vladimir Putin

Pattullo, The Hon. Thomas D.

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The innumerable complexities with which we find ourselves surrounded as a consequence of discovery and invention, and the profound effect upon our industrial and social regimen and even upon our spiritual thinking. How that is so. The needs to use our most heroic effort to preserve peace, while never overlooking the responsibility to fortify ourselves in the means of preserving it. Canada dependent upon foreign trade to maintain her prosperity. The problem of being strong externally if our internal condition is one of disintegrating strife. Two questions of major importance confronting us: that of Dominion-Provincial relations, and Industry and Labour. An examination of the depression of the 1930's. The depression as a powerful factor in bringing problems to a head. The setting up of a Royal Commission to study and report upon the whole question of Dominion-Provincial Relations. The Provinces finding themselves at disadvantages in the scheme of Confederation and, from time to time, making representations to the Dominion authority in this regard. The financial proposals of the Commission, which would establish in the Dominion a very definite and intimate control of Provincial borrowings, more than they possessed at the time. Negative response by the Provinces. Consequences of the unemployment of the depression and how it is still effecting Canada, and Canada's future. Costs of keeping people employed. The Dominion-Provincial Conference of 1941. An illustration of the Provincial position towards taxation. The speaker's suggestion that Ottawa should abandon its insistence upon securing exclusive jurisdiction in the Income Tax field; how and why this could be done. The Labour Question. Viewing with alarm the relationship of Labour and Industry. Being in the midst of a period of gangsterdom. The speaker's suggestion that it is obvious, in respect of Industry-Labour relations, that codes must be formulated for the maintenance of the orderly processes of living, and that these codes must be mandatory. Obstacles in the way of agreement upon procedure. Suggestions for solutions. Statute books which must contain laws to preclude force in the settlement of disputes, including the strike and the picket. Courage as the quality most lacking in our public life. The need to keep goods and services moving in orderly and profitable fashion.

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