Vladimir Putin

Price, Major Vincent W.

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This address is divided into seven sections, the first of which is "The Universal Theater" of the world. Section II, "Three Scenes on the World-Stage" discusses the Canadian scene, the Soviet Russian picture, and the European scene. "The Devastation of the Mind" talks about the intellectual damage of the war. Section IV, "Three Gigantic Problems" looks at the material, human, and mental and spiritual problems with which Europe has had to deal since the end of the Second World War. Section V, "The Battle for the Mind" looks at the two opposing forces in the world today: world-wide Communism as taught and practised by the Soviet Republics, and on the other side all those vast and intangible forces which embody the conception of freedom, in its broadest and deepest sense: the freedom of man, his mind and his soul. Section VI, "The Forces of Freedom" considers just three of those forces: UNESCO, Canada, and the North Atlantic Security Treaty, called the "Freedom Pact," and looks at the activities of each. The last Section, "The Challenge" addresses the task and challenge ahead of us to find peace and security.

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