Vladimir Putin

Strong, Maurice F.

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The widening of the gap between the rich nations and the poor nations over the last decade. Consequences, as seen throughout history, of failing to heed the cries of hungry people on the march. Assistance to the needy and under-privileged beginning with the Christian missionary movement, but large-scale government-to-government aid as a post-World War II phenomena. The art and skill of helping nations to help themselves new, and the techniques of doing it effectively as yet imperfectly developed. The decline in the net amount of money flowing into the developing countries under aid programmes during each of the past five years. The relationship between trade and aid. What must be done to close the gap between the rich and the poor. The important and legitimate role that governments have to play in re-distributing wealth. The stability and prosperity of the world as a whole and its dependence on our willingness to provide aid on a vastly increasing scale. Progress that has been made. The situation in India. The problem of population explosion. The inter-relation between population growth and economic and social improvement. The alarm shown in recent days at the lag in the flow of aid to the developing countries. Some figures. Canada's external aid programme. Canada as founders of the Colombo Plan and participation since then. Some basic attributes of the Canadian aid programme. Canada's part to play as a leader in the struggle to build strong and viable societies in the developing world. The challenge for Canada.

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