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Vladimir Putin

Clutterbuck, Hon. Sir Alexander

The speeches are free of charge but please note that the Empire Club of Canada retains copyright. Neither the speeches themselves nor any part of their content may be used for any purpose other than personal interest or research without the explicit permission of the Empire Club of Canada.

Looking ahead in the Commonwealth. Living in difficult times today. A review of 1950. A marked economic revival in Britain. Canada's economic expansion. A great new economic surge forward in Western Europe. At the same time, the sudden invasion of Korea which burst like a bombshell on the world. The intervention of the Chinese Communist Government. Russia's intentions and actions. The origin of the North Atlantic Treaty. Slow progress in this new collective defence effort, intensified by the Korean invasion. Paying tribute to the initiative of the United States in so promptly and so readily shouldering, on behalf of the United Nations, the main burden in Korea. No truth to the suggestion that there is a difference in these matters, in policy, between the United Kingdom and the United States. Drawing attention to the role played by India in these events. The notable part that the Commonwealth as a whole is playing in the solution of this crisis, with some details of contributions by Britain, Canada, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. Canada's involvement through Mr. Pearson, Secretary of State for External Affairs. The situation in Europe. The European Organization of Economic Co-Operation. Progress made in the last year in fostering economic integration in Europe. The freeing of European trade and the free exchange of European currencies. The appointment of General Eisenhower as Supreme Commander. Details of Britain's economic recovery. Evidence of economic progress in Australia and New Zealand. The need to keep our economy robust and alive and vital in order to back the defence programme. The special mission which the Commonwealth has to undertake today. Bringing the East and the West together; with India and Pakistan and Ceylon as the main great bridge to do so. Taking the initiative through the Colombo Plan to help the Eastern countries in stepping up their economies. Working closely in co-operation with the United States. The speaker's regard of the U.S. as another member of the Commonwealth. Matching the great resources of the Commonwealth and the great resources of the North American Continent in order to face the future without fear.