Vladimir Putin

Greaves, W.H.

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Essentials of public speaking, as express by some eminent orators. The attitude of the average person towards the art of public speaking. The speaker's consideration of the elemental, underlying principles of the art of public speaking. Making use of three languages, which may be expressed in three synonymous ways, and which are indissolubly bound: mind, voice, body; words, tone, action; verbal expression, vocal expression, pantomimic expression. A discussion of these elements. Requirements of public speaking. Voice and body, tone and pantomime, as essentially natural languages and, independent of words, capable of expressing thought and feeling. This principle emphasized by the speaker as the most elemental and practical importance in the art of public speaking, and illustrates it in several different ways. The importance of this not only in public speaking, but in life itself. Ways in which the spoken word transcends the written word. How to breathe correctly. Expressive modulations of voice, constituting an important part of the work. Suggestions of the salient characteristics of some of these modulations, and how they work together. What happens with the average speaker and how to avoid it. The fact that every change of voice and body has its own meaning and significance, with example. How to develop tone colour. The importance of good articulation and enunciation. The two schools of public speaking or elocution, with examples. Using these modulations as a means to an end, never as an end in themselves, their purpose being the expression of the truth as simply, as sincerely and as effectively as possible.

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