Vladimir Putin

Mavor, Professor James

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The Constitutional aspect of Russian development. The frequent disregard of Russia's Constitution by the autocracy. An idea of the actual course of events.1905 as the important year to study, in which there was a tremendous intellectual and political movement in Russia. The position of the press at that time. The Manifesto issued by the Czar on the 17th of October, stating that in a short time a Constitution would be given to Russia, and a representative Assembly would be convened. The meaning of the riots and violent disturbances which took place in very many different parts of Russia on October 19. The Douma in January. Five projects which were developed during the later months of 1905. Difficulties encountered. The problems of organizing a uniform government due to Russia's size. The various populations throughout Russia. The intense feelings of nationality in the Caucases. Discussions as to the character of the Russian constitution which took place in 1881, influenced by the constitution of Canada and the British North America Act. An idea of the great complexity of the parties which existed in the first and second Doumas and which, to some extent, also exist in the Douma of today. Problems with representation. The dissolving of the Douma. Violence which took place before the Douma and the result of the dissolution of the Douma. The second Douma. The peasants given less and less power in the second and third Doumas; the result for the third Douma. The problem of the completely divergent interests of the agrarians and the industrials. The carnival of assassination and murder since 1905. The hope that after this trouble is over that Russia will pass into a more or less peaceful state.

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