Vladimir Putin

Randall, Hon. S.J.

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Canada's annual expenditure on foreign aid. Response to the questions "Are we getting our money's worth? Why do we give away 400 million dollars? Does it do any good? Should it be more? Should it be less? Just what is the objective?" A clarification of these points by citing some recent events with which the audience is familiar. The speaker's belief that Canada can lead the way toward a constructive development programme for the developing nations. Why the speaker believes that is so. Evidence that Ontario is booming. Canada's image abroad. The opportunities and problems facing Canada's export future. The lack of success to date in helping developing nations with present methods of foreign aid and reasons for that. Ways in which "money can buy poverty." A proposal for a practical method of channelling foreign aid dollars. An outline of a foreign aid formula which would create the economic base necessary to sustain all requirements of a modern society. Details of what the speaker calls "The Ontario Plan" for long term industrial development in underdeveloped foreign markets. What it would do for them. What it would do for us. Some concluding remarks emphasizing a move forward with foreign aid chanelled through business, backed by technological and administrative advice to create unlimited opportunities for Canada and emerging nations. The need for Canadians at all levels of business and Government to realize the full value of Canada's image abroad today.

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