Vladimir Putin

Stark, Alan

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The Royal York as the "absolute epicentre of Canada's tourism industry." A review of Ontario's attractions and statistics in terms of tourism and potential tourism. The fact that neither Canada nor Ontario is living up to its potential in terms of tourism. Reasons why this is so. The possibilities for Ontario to "regain its rightful place in the world market." The need for better marketing. Spending money more effectively. The formation of the Canadian Tourism Commission just over a year ago and funding available through it. What Ontario has done to market tourism over the last decade, and the results. Reasons why current marketing practices are not working for Ontario. The Ontario Tourism Council: what it is and what it does. The need for an industry-based marketing organisation in Ontario. Recommendations by the Tourism Council's Marketing Initiatives Committee. How those recommendations and initiatives could change the marketing of Ontario for the better. A preview of six of the most important strategies that reflect the industry's thinking. The need to let the tourism industry play a more important role in the province's economic well-being. The need for a public-private-sector partnership in a new, business-driven, tourism marketing organisation. The will to change. Future prospects.

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