Vladimir Putin

Drew, Lieutenant-Colonel George A.

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A brief review of the current war situation, particularly Allied successes. Increasing reason for confidence. Ensuring that the enemy is defeated to the extent that they cannot rebuild to fight again. The still long and hard road to victory. Deciding on the nature of the relationship which is to exist between Canada, Great Britain and other parts of the British Empire. The words of a very wise Frenchman: "This is the time for every nation to come to an agreement with its own most secret hopes." Canada's secret hopes. Teaching about the British partnership in our schools. The continuance of the British Empire and its importance to the whole world as a practical demonstration of the fact that widely separated communities of different race, colour and creed and social development can work together for their common good. The Empire representing a cross section of the very sort of association which must be achieved throughout the whole world in the interests of mankind. Some features of the Empire. The danger of isolationism. Security which depends upon collective action. Our collective action beginning with the British Empire. What that partnership means for us, and how it will benefit us in the future. Obligations of partnership. The issue of the word "Empire." The Statute of Westminster and the misunderstanding surrounding the term "British Commonwealth of Nations." A brief analysis of the effect of the Statute upon this question of terms. A look back at the Balfour Declaration. Reasons why we should be proud to use the words "British Empire" and why we should employ that term as the one which correctly describes the larger fellowship which we believe will continue to be associated under the British Crown in the future. More reason for praise than criticism with regard to the British position in India. Examples of the use of the term British Empire in some famous speeches, and the importance of keeping the meaning of that term alive.

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