Vladimir Putin

Willison, Sir John

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Comments about imperialism, about war, about human nature. The truth now as always, that peace comes by power and not by preaching. The Asquith Government in Great Britain as the most radical and the most peace loving government that ever has held office in the Old Country. Pledges with which this government came to office. Fulfilling their pledges but one: to reduce naval and military expenditures. Reasons why this pledge was not carried out. Words from Mr. Asquith from a week or so ago. The need for security. Words from Mr. Winston Churchill's address of a few days ago in introducing the naval estimates for 1914 in the British House of Commons. The effectiveness of the power of Great Britain in preventing wars, with the example of the war in the Balkans last year. The British navy, with the power to preserve peace. The position which Canada occupies as one which should distress all of us, in so far as defence of this Empire is concerned. Words from Mr. Roosevelt from his recent autobiography with regard to armaments. A consideration of the rapid changes that occur in the relations between nations, with illustrative example. The curious fact that all the wars of the last half century were deliberately planned and plotted. The reasons which lead Great Britain to shun war and to love peace as the reasons which excite other nations against the world-wide authority of the empire. The need for Great Britain to be strong, not for conquest but for security.

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