Vladimir Putin

Hodder-Williams, Prof. Ralph

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"The Turk has returned and nobody wants him." Where we went wrong. Central facts of the story of the Turk which, fair to say, should have been regarded as danger signals when the hour struck for a final settlement of the Turkish question. The secular relationship between Ottoman ruling caste and Christian. The succession to Turkey in Europe which has always been one of diplomacy's unsolved problems. Our European forefathers who have never allowed themselves the luxury of not taking the Near Eastern question seriously. Turkey living for a century and a half on the division of interest among Western Powers. History coming full circle; the Ottoman has turned round again towards Asia, and Turkey as an Asiatic nation is getting ever stronger as Turkey as a European Empire dwindles to nothing. A brief historical survey of these points to show how and with what results they have been ignored since the Armistice. A detailed explication follows, providing history and background to the issue. The history of the Armistice and the Treat of Lausanne not yet written. Suspicion that there will appear a sordid strain of typical Turkish chicanery and of as typical European division. The Turkish nation established as the first power of the East by the Treaty of Lausanne. The best hope for a permanent solution. Words from the draft treaty. Hoping that at last a Turkish promise may mean something.

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