Vladimir Putin

Delme-Radcliffe, Sir Charles

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The speaker addresses the audience on behalf of the Society for the Preservation of the Fauna of the Empire, of which the Prince of Wales is Patron, and Lord Onslow President. Slides are included in the presentation. What the speaker has learned about efforts with regard to the preservation of wild life in Canada. The long history of the consideration of domestic animals by English-speaking people, as leaders in the way in which the civilized world regards humane treatment of all animals associated with mankind, either as servants or pets. Such spirit now incorporated into the legislation of most Western countries and ingrained in the minds of all decent people. The need for a wide-spread determination that wild life must be saved. Some suggestions as to how we can help. First, an explanation of the situation as it is in various parts of the world. Examples of particular problems peculiar to each country where wild life exists to any extent. The issue of "blood sports." The welcome advent of cinema-photography, which is weaning many travellers from the rifle. The need for the construction of a definite policy in all the countries concerned, one which will take account of all the difficulties and which must be arrived at by the consent of those whose real interests are involved. Consequences of delay. How to help. Work of the Society for the Preservation of the Fauna of the Empire.

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