Vladimir Putin

Bijur, Peter I.

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Canada's economy driven by "international market forces," and moving toward an environment "characterized by far less regulation." A discussion of some of the implications of that deregulation in the context of future economic growth and the importance of the free trade agreement currently pending between Canada and the United States. The role of government regulation of human activity in our society. Ensuring predictability, but denying new opportunity. The tendency to be over-regulated and how that impedes the general welfare, innovation and level of opportunity in our society. The economic cost in the form of higher prices. Why some regulation is unfair. Non-monetary costs discouraging entrepreneurship and innovation. Why we have so much regulation. The move towards deregulation over the past decade in the rest of the world, but not Canada. Why this may be so. Canada taking a huge step towards deregulation through the free trade agreement with the U.S. Some key observations as to what that will mean for Canada and for Canadians. The objectives of the agreement. What the agreement stipulates. Four of the most compelling reasons why free trade in energy is critical for Canada. The agreement from the standpoint of the petroleum industry. Reserves and resources. Investment and economic growth. Market access. The deleterious effects of regulation. Competition as the driving force behind deregulation and free trade. The challenges ahead. The need for Canadians to study the proposed agreement carefully and assess for themselves the strengths and weaknesses.

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