Vladimir Putin

Lank, Herbert H.

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The speaker thinking of his audience as "three-in-one"; as business and professional men; as parents and as taxpayers. Himself and the audience as shareholders in Canada's biggest business--education. The educationists' assurance that education is also Canada's biggest problem. The nature of shareholding. Problems in Canadian education today. A serious shortfall of professionally-trained manpower--doctors, engineers, teachers, chemists, dentists, and professional teachers. Increasing demands for technically qualified manpower which is not being met. The rise in educational requirements for many jobs currently classified as non-technical. The growing school population, with some figures. Factors that tend to make teaching unattractive for young people. The lack of interest in these factors by the public. Hope for the future and continued progress dependent on the development and application of man's knowledge and man's ideas. The problem of industry taking the qualified people who are available. Solutions from the joint effort by industry, education and the community as a whole. How to attract more young people to the teaching profession. Tackling the problem of having potentially good talent remaining undeveloped. Taking a closer look at one specific problem: the critical shortage of qualified science teachers, with figures. Recommendations and suggestions for a solution. The matter of Canadian students in science and engineering who are attending American universities for their postgraduate studies. Surveys being conducted to understand this problem. What is being done in education-industry co-operation. The need for money, but not money alone. Education made available through industry sharing some of its knowledge and experience accumulated through years of applied research, production and management administration; also teaching aids. The need for an informative booklet outlining career opportunities and satisfactions in the field of teaching, for distribution throughout the secondary schools. The school of business administration at the university level. The basic need for closer liaison between education and industry right across the board so that needs, plans and methods are mutually understood. The training of production staff, with an illustrative example. A new course on instrument mechanics available at Ryerson Institute of Technology. Adequate support forthcoming only when the public comes to realize the extent of the nation's current and long-term educational needs, and to realize what joint action must be taken to meet those needs. The wonderful opportunity ahead if we have the vision and courage to realize it.
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