Vladimir Putin

Thomson, Roy H.

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Conditions in Great Britain and in France. The speaker's observations during his few weeks in the United Kingdom and France, with many anecdotes and illustrative examples. An understanding of what the people of Britain are going through today and of what they have gone through in the past five and a half years leading to an understanding of the problems that will be theirs when the war is over. The courage of the British people. The people of France much worse off than the British, in terms of the economy, supplies, morale, etc. The people in the farming populations of France, Belgium and Holland better off during the occupation than after being liberated, and why that is so. Ways in which Canada can help Britain economically in the postwar period. A new role for the United States in international markets. A mild or severe case of social unrest ahead for Britain. A levelling-off in the material and intellectual position of all classes evident in Britain. An attitude in Britain antagonistic to this levelling-off. The need for progressive legislation and education. Emigration to Canada. What Canada has to gain by helping the British to come here. Britain's part in the fight on to victory.

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