Vladimir Putin

MacMillan, Dr. Margaret

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The speaker's book about Nixon's trip to China and why she started to write it. How that trip did make a difference in international relations. The importance of both countries. What happened as a result of that trip. Signalling the end of the Cold War. Why the trip happened. Why it didn't happen before. Why they didn't talk to each other since 1949. Going back in time for greater understanding. The complicated relationship between the United States and The People's Republic of China. A mutual fascination. Some history of both countries, and their relationship one to the other. How each country sees the other, and has seen each other. The relationship today. An illustrative anecdote to show how absurd the relationship became at one point. Nixon, China, and Vietnam. The possibility for rapprochement and how it emerged. Organizing the trip. After the trip, and after Watergate, and after Mao's death. Establishing full diplomatic relations. Seeing the results.