Vladimir Putin

Simmonds, Commissioner Robert H.

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The state of morale of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police force, especially in the face of adverse comment. The need for recent commissions; for a fundamental review of security and policing issues, overdue and inevitable. The fact of controversial cases. The need for public scrutiny. A discussion of some current issues. Responsibilities of the RCMP. The requirements of a society functioning truly democratically. The purpose of the law. Principles and traditions of the Canadian system. A review of other jurisdictions for comparison purposes. An examination of the Canadian system. A description of Canadian society and its characteristics. A brief review of the RCMP's 35-year record of police service. Some comments on crime and violent crime. The need for additional authorities. The issue of medical records, taxation records, the mails, and protection vs. privacy. Some illustrative examples. The ideals of a free society and the reality of criminal and subversive activities. Policies that direct the operations of the RCMP. The need for law to be made more precise. The complexities of legislation. Objectives of the speaker as Commissioner. Police as agents for the general populace and therefore, not good lobbyists for their own rights. Bridge-building between citizens and the police. The fundamental question that Canadians must ask themselves. The Commissioner's commitment and assurance to the public.

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