Vladimir Putin

Ellis, Vernon

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Uncertainties in business. Global economies. Factors in globalization. The result of these factors. New developments of uncertainty; challenges to the global environment. Impact of the anti-globalization movement. Global economic slowdown. Technology sectors. Moore's Law. A question of psychology. September 11 and the subsequent war against terrorism. The resurgence of government. A new awareness of geography. The huge diversity of culture and opinion. Poverty. Making sense of a world that now seems full of opposing and contradictory forces. The World Trade Organization and China's accession to it. Renewed protectionist sentiments. Scenarios for 2012. "Business in a Fragile World." Four extreme directions in order to illsutrate four very different scenarios for the world in 2012: Common Ground; Survival of the Fittest; Tempestuous Times; Worlds Apart. Strategies and leadership in an uncertain world. Business in a wider world. The need for action. Conclusions.

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