Vladimir Putin

Chelwood, Viscount Cecil of

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club. Differences between the Commonwealth and the League of Nations, but both striving for the betterment and improvement of mankind. A definition of these two institutions, what they stand for, what they mean, their great purposes. Aspects of the League in relation to the Commonwealth. The illusion that there is some kind of opposition between the League and the Commonwealth. The League as a guarantee for the existence of the Commonwealth and how that is so. The issue of the reduction of armaments. Why it is important from the point of view of peace, apart from economics, to reduce armaments. How disarmament might be administered and policed. Dangers in the present state of things unless there can be gotten some control on the limitation of armaments. The existence of great interests whose prosperity depends upon the continued demand for weapons of war. What people mean when they say that the Commonwealth is a small League of Nations. Ways in which they are in fact distinct conceptions. The impossibility of establishing a group which can give laws to the world. The equal impossibility of isolation. The need, as members of the community of nations, to see whether we can't do something to make the world better before we die. What the League can do in this regard. The Commonwealth doing very much inside the League in order to carry on the great work to which the League has set its hand. Response to those who say that the League has become a complete failure. An examination of the situation in Manchuria, and whether or not the League has been effective. The formal condemnation by all the nations of the world of the policy of Japan. A look at why the League has not been successful in restraining Japan. The absence of the United States of America from the League and possible effects of that situation. The Canadian attitude and position.