Vladimir Putin

Birkett, The Honourable Mr. Justice

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Reference to the thousand bombers that were over Cologne last night. Canadian soldiers in England. The British spirit. The Home Guard in Britain. Eleven campaigns fought during the last two and a half years by the armies of Britain and the Commonwealth. Axis propagandists and what they are saying. The Commando Raids. Volunteers from the United Kingdom reinforced by Canadians and by those from all parts of the United Empire. Some details of the Commando raids that can be talked about. The Commando raid in Libya, 40 miles behind the German lines. The raid in Norway. The raid on St. Nazaire. The Air Force and the Battle of Britain. The Battle of the Atlantic. The Royal Canadian Navy, the Navy of the United States of America, the British Navy, the Norwegian Navy, the Navies of the Allies, all combined in a task which when the secrets are made known, will stagger the majority of the world. The situation in Norway. The Home Front. The duties of the future. The need, after this war, for some organization, some system which will make it impossible for any one nation to unloose the horror upon the world which we have seen. The contribution that Canada, the United States, and Britain can make to that organization.

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