Vladimir Putin

Bulloch, John F.

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The speaker's opinion of the recent federal budget: it is "misguided, incompetent, arbitrary, insular, dogmatic, hasty and tyrannical." How and why the budget is all of those things. An address about why this budget has come to pass; why we have a "government which is neither by, of, nor for the people;" Comments to be seen "in the context of the democratic process having been wrestled away from our elected politicians." The speaker continues with a critical review of the budget. The need for some clearly defined goals. The necessity to establish a national sense of direction. A lack of trust between Ottawa and the provinces; between business and Ottawa; between labour and Ottawa. Budget secrecy. Uncertainty in the business world. The problem with and overwhelming concentration of power in Ottawa. The intention to oppose the government's policies and central power. A view of the economy as people. The rule of law vs. the rule of man.

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