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Berkinshaw, R.C.

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Highlights of the journey of the Canadian Trade Mission, recently returned from a visit to South Africa. First, four pictures which have been projected upon the mind of the speaker as a result of this recent trip. Some background to the Trade Mission and those who went on it. Places visited. Some broad impressions and statistics of the country. The geography. The keystone of South Africa's economic vitality, and the sound foundation for agricultural and industrial expansion in the future: gold. A brief description of the gold industry, with some figures. The diamond industry, also with statistics. Mineral production of South Africa. The great potential for expansion in the mining industry in South Africa, similar to that in Canada. Frequent new discoveries. The agricultural segment of South African industry and the important part that it plays in the productional economy of the Union. Fruit growing. The most spectacular advances in the realm of industrial expansion. Like Canada, the exigencies of war needs, coupled with an inevitable war-time reduction in the import of essential commodities, gave an impetus to industrial production which is being felt even in the post-war period. South Africa's wonderful record of high accomplishment in planned development, with the example of the South African Iron and Steel Corporation. Future plans for this government-controlled industry. Other industries which center in and around the cities of Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Durban and East London. A summary of conclusions regarding the South African market from the point of view of a Canadian exporter. A subsequent visit to Southern Rhodesia. An opportunity to frankly discuss the trade relationship between Canada and Southern Rhodesia. Impressing upon that government the extent of Canada's aid to the United Kingdom in her time of economic crisis, and emphasizing the difficulties of Canada's own position in the matter of dollar stringency. Impressions and description of Southern Rhodesia, including industrial activity and development. Developments in production at Tanganyika and Kenya colony: striking examples of British enterprise. A great coffee growing development in Kenya colony, sponsored by the British government. Other countries visited (Egypt, Greece, Italy and Portugal). A short visit to the city of London and one or two parts of England. Reference to some words from the Honorable Mr. MacKinnon spoken in Montreal yesterday. Accomplishments of the trade mission. Gaining a deeper understanding of the significance and value of Canada's citizenship in the British Empire, and of that Empire's destiny to guide again the nations of the world into the way of concord.

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