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Phillips, Reverend Randall C.

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Qualities of the speaker's fellow countrymen that have qualified them for the important part they have taken in the life and service of our great and glorious Empire. Idealism as the leading characteristic of the Irishman. Something of the mysticism of his beloved land in the Irishman, something that reminds him of the green country that he carries in his heart as well as in his mind. The Irishman as dreamer. The unfailing humour and tact which is characteristic of the ordinary Irishman. Somewhat sudden and quick to fight, but also sudden and quick to see the incongruous and humorous die of things, and to bring in a little bit of sunshine to brighten our life. An example in the late Lord Dufferin. The gift of tact in the Irishman. The man who can bring about a smile as a man who renders no mean service in the great Empire which he is called upon to serve. The gift of imperial statesmanship that has belonged, in an eminent degree, to some of the speaker's fellow countrymen. The name of Edmund Burke reverenced and looked up to by all men in public affairs. Going over the names of those who have taken part in colonial work in order to realize what Ireland has given to this great Empire: Manning, Lansdowne, Lord Dufferin, John Nicholson. Irishmen still capable of doing in the future what they have done in the past. The sons of Ireland stealing over to Canada and will take a large and important part in building up the future of this great Dominion.