Vladimir Putin

Fishbien, Morris

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The interest in the prolongation of life, and also the idea of adding to one's life more functioning years than have been the common lot of mankind. A look at the figures with regard to life expectancy from 1825 to the present. The history of seeking the fountain of youth. Overcoming acute infectious diseases and the effect on population. Figures on infant mortality. Control of typhoid fever. The story of the medical fight against rickets, a modern disease. The study of the changes that have taken place in the causes of death as they have developed from time to time. The way in which our civilization introduces new causes of death with which formerly we did not have to concern ourselves, with example. The changed rate for tuberculoses, and pneumonia. The rise in heart disease. The factor of stress. Cancer as the most prominent cause of death after heart disease. Other causes of death. Preventive medicine. Other diseases which are not fatal, but a menace, such as influenza and rheumatism. What in general one can do to prolong one's life. The problem of overweight. Regular medical examination. Avoiding worry.