Vladimir Putin

Witt, Flying Officer D.T.

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One airman's experiences on operations. Remembering the first raids when packages of leaflets were dropped over Germany. The value of the raids as tests of navigation and endurance, and as a morale boost for the work ahead. The change of load from leaflets to explosives. Some personal reminiscences. Some words about Group Captain Staton. A detailed description of the speaker's first "leaflet" raid. The first sight of the Cliffs of Dover. Trouble on the next raid. Forced landing in France. Rescue by friendly French peasants. The raid on Sylt. The Norwegian campaign. Seeing beauty, even in the midst of war. Sights seen during the Battle of France. 38 raids by August, 1940 for the speaker. Helping to develop the four-engine Stirling bomber. A description of the Stirling bomber. Testing the Stirling. Attacks on the "Gneisenau" and "Scharnhorst" battleships. Raids on Berlin. An example of the exploits and work of certain members of the crew of a heavy bomber like the Stirling; a daylight raid against the seaplane base at Borkum. The speaker's 62nd trip: a night raid on Hanover. Canadians in the speaker's anecdotes. 21 distinct R.C.A.F. Squadrons operating in Britain today and hundreds of R.C.A.F. pilots, observers, and gunners serving with R.A.F. units. What is being accomplished by the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.

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