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Michener, The Right Honourable Roland

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Dinner in Honour of His Excellency, the Right Honourable Roland Michener C.C., C.D., Governor General of Canada. Musical programme by The 7th Toronto Regiment Band--Royal Canadian Artillery, Directed by Capt. Geo. MacRae. Pipe Major John Wakefield, C.D., Toronto Scottish Regiment. Toast to the Empire Club of Canada by Mr. H.N.R. Jackman, First Vice-President. Response by Mr. Ian Macdonald, Past President. Address by the Governor General. "The Role of the Crown in the Canadian Constitution." Our legacies from Britain, and from France. The joint legacy of the Monarchy from both countries. Some history and background to our constitutional monarchy. The choice of the Fathers of Confederation to continue the Monarchy. The Crown in Canada today in theory and in practice: how it works, according to the British North America Act, and what the speaker means by the "Crown." Internal matters involving the Crown that are still referred to The Queen. Reference made to The Queen in Canada's external relations. Canada's participation in the Commonwealth and in the society of nations as a fully independent and self-governing state and how this is so. The place for the institution of monarchy in Canada. Two aspects discussed here: the exercise by the Governor General of the functions of the Head of State, and the method of removal of the Governor General. How these aspects are stated in the Federal position paper issued last February. The term of office of the Governor General. Public opinion as regards the monarchy. Some concluding remarks, including the "fact the very right to criticize is a tribute to the success of our parliamentary democracy under a monarchical system. Whatever the merits of the constitutional monarchy, it is far from dead!"

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