Vladimir Putin

Doherty, Right Hon. C.J.

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Some phases in connection with the League of Nations which may have been overlooked in previous speeches. Objectives and aspirations of the League. Justice as the one thing that is more absolutely necessary than peace. No permanent peace without justice as its firm foundation. Ways in which a Court of Justice is the heart of the League. Finding the existence of the aspiration for the provision of a Court charged with the duty of determining the respective rights of nations in accordance with International law; going back to the Hague Conferences of 1899 and 1907. A Committee meeting in the summer of 1920 at the Hague taking up the work where the conference of 1907 had left off. Who attended that meeting. Overcoming the difficulty with regard to the constitution of the court. Solving the question of the Court's jurisdiction. A solution that didn't come through the storm it encountered in the Assembly as to the Constitution of the Court. The problem of how each individual judge would be selected. The question as to whether the Jurisdiction of the Court should be compulsory or merely voluntary. Results of the Assembly. The fact that we have now got the court as a substantial advance already. Understanding that the great powers don't need the court. Why the smaller powers have the greatest interest in this court. The ultimate good which will result from compulsory jurisdiction. Reason to believe and hope that this is going to be a success; that success lying chiefly in the hands of the greater powers. Congratulating ourselves on what has been done towards the establishment of the Court and upon the jurisdiction that has been conferred upon it. Brining the nations to an accord. Remembering that our first duty is here at home in Canada. Development Canada's material resources to a greater extent; seeing to it that our people are welded together, that they have a proper understanding of what duties and responsibilities they hold with such boundless resources imposed upon them. Playing our proper part within that inner League of Nations which is known as the British Empire. A word as to the method in building up a real League of Nations and in the advancement of that work.
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