Vladimir Putin

Rhodes, Brigadier Sir Godfrey

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Four years of aid to Russia through the Persian Gulf. A general picture of what was done, and in particular, a description in some detail of the British share of this work. Germany's attack of Russia without warning, and contrary to treaty, in June of 1941. England's position at the time of fighting the war single-handed and facing the possibility of direct invasion; struggling to recover from the shock of Dunkirk and making strenuous efforts to re-equip her armies. Churchill's immediate willingness to help Russia. What was done for Russia by England almost immediately. The decision to help Russia one of the most far-seeing decision of the war. Appreciating the task that Britain undertook [the speaker here uses a map to help explain exactly what was done]. The Trans-Persian Railway and its route. The Persian Government's genuine attempt to carry out its treaty obligations. Details of the situation in Persia and Iraq. The speaker's arrival in October of 1941 and his initial meeting with senior railway officers who were flown out of Tehran to meet with him. A target of 2400 tons per day by the end of June, 1942 to be sent to Russia. An outline of what had to be done to bring the capacity of the railway up to task. The many difficulties encountered, including that of language. Ports, roads, and the part our Russian Allies played. The increase in need and demand; from 2400 tons per day to 12,000 tons per day. Mr. Churchill's request that Mr. Roosevelt undertake the new task. Details of what the Americans did. What this enormous effort achieved. How to bring about, in peace-time ,the same universal keenness and zeal, the same self-sacrifice and heroism, the same unselfish service and comradeship, the same fight for an ideal of life, that was achieved so grandly in a great war for freedom. Looking to Canada for leadership in many directions.

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